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Eliminate Measurement Errors

PicTailor has proven to be far more accurate than allowing customers to measure themselves with a tape measure. Pictailor eliminates the chance of a measurement error that may exist while holding a tape measure against yourself. You can take confidence in producing orders without wasting time on getting customers to double check meausrements.

Increase Sales By 30%

Many customers abandon a purchase once they realize they have to find a tape measure and measure up. You lose a lot of customers at this point. PicTailor increases your on-site conversions by offering a more seamless flow to purchase. Two simple photos that can be done alone is all it takes. Start converting more customers now with PicTailor.

Contact Us

If you are interested in offering PicTailor as a sizing option for your customers, simply send us an email, and we’ll be in touch shortly.


We’ll take you through a demonstration on how Pictailor works and how it would be integrated with your business and website.

Set Up

If you decide to proceed, we’ll work with you to set up PicTailor on your website. We offer different levels of setup where you can follow our guides and do it yourself, or let our technichal team set it up for you.


Once set up is complete,, you can start straight away! Your customers can start placing orders with the ease of PicTailor’s measuring system.